Mae Jemison Circle Sticker 3x3

Mae Jemison Circle Sticker 3x3

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This sticker was created from one of Sanyu's favorite art pieces inspired by Mae Jemison. 

The painting features an African American female astronaut flying in space that Sanyu Kalyesubula says is Jemison. Kalyesubula who is homeschooled learned about Jemison during her studies. Jemison was the first Black woman to travel into space.

The original art piece has one several awards including 

(2021) Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Black History Month Art Contest - 3rd Grade Winner 

(2021) 36th Annual All Media Juried Art Exhibition - Under 17 (3rd winner)

(2022) Generations Art Exhibit - 12 Years & Younger (2nd place)